Liquid ring technology

Ready to make the switch to liquid ring technology that offers consistency and high performance for vacuum trucks?

Zero oil emissions

Liquid ring vacuum pumps produce zero oil emissions during operations. In liquid ring technology no oil is used.

Sustainable operations

Ready to make the switch to more sustainable vacuum trucks that meet the future legislations and regulations?

Smarter specifications

Ready to make the switch that helps you design your future-proof vacuum truck system in a few steps?

No noise

Liquid ring pumps are quiet in operation, preserving peaceful surroundings. Ensuring better work environment.

Rightsizing increases profits

Rightsized systems improve efficiency and increase profits. 40% of the market uses over-dimensioned vacuum systems.


All our pumps can now be delivered with an Ecoat finish. There is no need for extra painting.

How to build

Dimensioning the vacuum system for a vehicle is essential. Learn how you can build liquid ring vacuum trucks.

Liquid ring technology for fish handling

Liquid ring technology offers a consistent solution, making it a high-performing option for fish handling on vessels.

Smarter specifications

Our expert-driven services, including specification tools, aid in calculating and configuring various scenarios.

Sustainable operations

Sustainable operations involve proactively assessing and optimizing processes to protect the environment.